Open Contest - Winter 2019

The second OpenContest took place on February 9th 2019 for both Flatland and Street.

With 25 competitors and more than 100 visitors, we filled up the Rollhaus Solingen pretty good.

February 9th 2019

Flatland Expert

1. Jelle Dillen
2. Ben Niediek
3. Matti Meuser

Street Expert

1. Niklas te Kaat Levental & Stan Verhoeven
2. Axel Kästle
3. Dries Willems & Christian Hörner

Flatland Advanced

1. Jonathan Schlick
2. Rui Zhang
3. Hannah Claas

Street Advanced

1. Florian Rohe
2. Elisa Düngler
3. Ben Niediek

Full Results


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